It is a pleasure to greet and welcome you to our Puerto Rico Chapter HFMA website!

As the current President 2017-2018, I have the honor of being part of the leadership of HFMA. Understanding the importance of this association and its leadership; as chair of the chapter I will be offering my support to the volunteers of the board by engaging our new members, giving them the time, enthusiasm and funds needed to fulfill our annual work plan.

To “Where Passion Meets Purpose” is our challenge for this year!  What do we mean by to “Where Passion Meets Purpose”?  Though both passion and purpose are defined from within, the latter is more our personal response to the world in all its complexity and as a response to the outside world, it ultimately has an impact on others, whether it be on our families, our communities, workplaces, or even our country. A well-thought-out purpose is an active response to a need; as such it is more than mere compliance or blind loyalty. Purpose is a duty that we have defined for ourselves.

My purpose is to create a good working team, supplementing the educational needs, participating in community activities and increase our enrollment. I invite you to join our association and obtain its offered benefits.

Please, help us to improve and develop our chapter even more, by providing us with your feedback, visiting us, your website and checking your emails for updates and upcoming activities.

I am very grateful to have been chosen and I hope to greet you all in our activities.


Sally Montes Colon, MPH, RHIA, CCHP
HFMA PR Chapter